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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

18 Ideas for Pizza Toppings

Use the following ingredients, alone or in combination, on any of the pizzas in this section.

18 Ideas for Pizza Toppings
18 Ideas for Pizza Toppings
1. Lightly cooked sausage, bacon, or other meat.
2. Sliced salami, prosciutto, Spanish chorizo, or other cured meat.
3. Small amounts of Gorgonzola or other blue cheese or fontina or other semisoft cheese; gratings of Parmesan are almost always welcome.
4. Soft goat cheese or ricotta.
5. Minced raw or mashed roasted garlic.
6. Minced fresh chile (like jalapeño or Thai) or hot red pepper flakes to taste.
7. Pitted black olives, especially the oil-cured kind (good in combination with caramelized onions and
vinegar, above). Green olives are good too.
8. Canned anchovy fillets, with some of their oil.
9. Reconstituted dried tomatoes (or Oven-Dried Tomatoes, page 362).
10. Thinly sliced tomatoes and basil, with olive oil and/or grated Parmesan. Or peeled, seeded, and
chopped tomatoes tossed with basil.
11. Traditional Pesto or other herb paste or sauce (pages 27–28).
12. Sliced boiled potatoes—waxy or all-purpose kinds work best (great added to White Pizza, page 179).
13. Well-washed and dried tender greens, especially spicy ones, like arugula and watercress. Add greens when pizzas are finished baking or grilling and let the heat from the crust wilt them, which will take about a
14. Sautéed spinach.
15. Roasted Red Peppers (page 330).
16. Grilled or Broiled Eggplant (page 294) or the pancooked eggplant slices from Eggplant Parmesan
(page 297).
17. Slices of grilled zucchini (see “How to Grill Vegetables,” page 250).
18. Any lightly cooked seafood, canned clams, or shredded canned tuna.


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